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Vocal Cord Nodules

Vocal Cord Nodules

One of the main causes for hoarseness is voice cord nodule. Vocal cord nodules are benign growths on both vocal cords that are caused by vocal abuse. It’s a problem which is mostly seen in some professions such as singers, teachers, lawyers and people who have to give public speeches.

Symptoms of Vocal Cord Nodules

Common symptoms of vocal cord nodules are:

– Hoarseness
– Voice change
– A rough voice
– A scratchy voice

Moreover, neck pain, loss of voice and difficulty swallowing could be seen.

Vocal cord area is exposed to traumas very often. Continiuos pressure and impacts cause vocal cord nodules. Suppose that you are wearing shoes pinching your feet. If you wear those shoes continiuosly, your feet could become calloused. The vocal cord nodule emerges exactly the same way.

Treatment for Vocal Cord Nodule

If you are not using your voice professionally like a singer, you should visit an otorhinolaryngologist after two weeks of hoarseness. If you are a singer, you could not wait for two weeks. The ideal solutions are voice therapy and nodule surgery.

Voice Therapy

The ideal way to treat vocal cord nodule caused by vocal abuse is not to continue using your voice that way. Proper voice use, avoidance of abusing activities and using the right vocal technique ensure the vocal cord nodule to disappear and prevent from re-emerge. The technique which teaches the proper voice use is Voice Therapy.

Vocal Cord Nodule Surgery

Some nodules cannot be treated with Voice Therapy. In spite of using right vocal technique, ensure the vocal hygiene and Voice Therapy, some nodules don’t disappear. They can be cut off through Phonomicrosurgery under general anesthesia easily.