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Chin Implant

Genioplasty is applied in order to fix facial balance and strengthen the weak chin structure. If you have a normal teeth and chin structure, chin augmentation would be applied through implant. Your chin will be augmented by placing a suitable implant on your chin bone. If your chin structure is not very weak and you have a normal teeth structure, this option would be more suitable for you. You are expected to have a healthy immune system like by any other implant operations.

There are a lot of methods applied for the chin implant surgeries. Different types of implants could be used with varied shapes, sizes and materials. The suitable type of implant will be chosen according to the desired results of the patient. Implant is placed with an incision on the skin or intraorally. After the placement, the incision will be sewed with stitches and the operation will be finished. If no extra procedures are needed , the operation lasts 30 to 45 minutes. After the operation, bandages are usually used to fix the implant and against swellings which occur commonly.


– It provides a strong view of your chin structure unlike the temporary fillings
– It can be easily applied at the same time with other surgeries like Rhinoplasty
– There are a lot of types of implants suitable for your chin

The significant issue is that Sliding Genioplasty is more suitable for the patients who have a weak chin structure or who have functional problems with their chins. These types of surgeries are applied by cutting the bone and the recovery period will be longer but some results could be possible which cannot be achieved with implant.

Risks and Complications

– Loss of feelind could occur temporarily or permanently
– Implant could shift especially right after the surgery
– Removal of the implant should be needed, if an infection developes


The recovery period would differ related to the surgery method. Moreover, the period will be longer when another facial operation is applied. The patient could usually stay at home and move easily after the implant surgery but numbness on your chin and lips would occur like after a tooth operation. This situation will end the next day and only a slight swelling will remain. Antibiotics and painkillers would be needed. You should avoid heavy physical activities. Band or bandages could be used for the protection of the implant placement because of the the swelling. In order to avoid swellings you should keep your head upright. If the incision is intraorally, solid food would be prohibited for a while. You should wash the inside of your mouth in order to keep the stitches clean.