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FAQ About Rhinoplasty

You can find frequently asked questions about Rhinoplasty in this section.

How many minutes does Rhinoplasty take?
It takes about two and a half hours but it could differ according to applied procedures.

How much is the cost of Rhinplasty?
The cost differs according to applied procedures and will be determined after the examination.

When can i take a shower after Rhinoplasty?
It is recommended that you could take shower but not getting your face wet in the first two weeks. Afterwards, you can wash your face freely.

Can i wash my face right after Rhinoplasty?
You should’t wash your face two weeks long.

How long does it take that 100% of the results of Rhinoplasty be apparent?
It takes 6 to 12 months gradually.

Will there be a scar after Rhinoplasty?
There will be a slight scar under your nose.

Will i need to diet after Rhinoplasty and is there any forbidden food?
There is no need for a special diet and no food is forbidden.

When can i start to work after Rhinoplasty?
Patients could turn to their normal routine the next day after Rhinoplasty, do their daily work and go out but we recommend a one week rest after the surgery. You should start to work when buffers and plasters are removed in about 7 to 10 days after Rhinoplasty.

What anesthesia is used for Rhinoplasty? 
It is applied under general anesthesia.

When will the buffers be removed?
They are removed after a week.

When will the plasters be removed?
They are removed after a week together with the buffers.

When will the bandages be removed?
The bandages will be renewed after one week while removing the buffers and plasters. Complete removal of bandages will be after two weeks.

Will there be a lot of pain after Rhinoplasty?
No. There may be little pain but it can be controlled with painkillers.

Can i do make-up after Rhinoplasty?
Not before two weeks.

Are the any massage techniques to reduce edema?
There are some special techniques to reduce edema but we do not recommend because patients tend to apply pressure to nose.

Is there any medication to spped up the recovery period?
There are special balms for bruising and your doctor will recommend them.

What are the advantages of the ‘Piezo’ tecnique?
Since ‘Piezo’ technique does not harm the soft tissues, less under-eye purpleness and swelling emerge after the surgery. The recovery process will be faster and it provides comfort during the surgery.

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How long does it take that under-eye swellings disappear?
The under-eye swellings will be at minimum level through Piezo surgery and will disappear in 2-3 weeks usually.

How long does it take that under-eye purpleness disappear?
The under-eye purpleness will also be at minimum level through Piezo surgery and will disappear after 1 week.

Is there any chance to fix my nasal obstruction during Rhinoplasty?
Yes. Fixing the nasal problems like obstruction is one of the basic principles of Rhinoplasty.

Is there any possibility for a dropped nose tip after Rhinoplasty and whay does it happen?
The surgery technique; the ability and the attention of the doctor during the surgery are very significant not to harm the support structure of the nose.

Can everyone have Nose Surgery?
It is not recommended for people under the age of 18 because development of the noes doesn’t end before that. Moreover, it is not recommended for people who may face problems due to general anesthesia.

Is there any age limit for Rhinoplasty?
It is not recommended under the age of 18.

Is it possible to apply Rhinoplasty and to fix Nasal Septum Deviation at the same time?
Yes, we apply both operations in a session.