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Piezo Rhinoplasty

Piezo Rhinoplasty

Piezo Surgery became popular recently. This technique is very advantageous both during the surgery and after-surgery period. Therefore, we’re applying it very often. ‘Piezo’ is the name of a special device. This device has different and special bits. Every bit has a different function. Seperate bits are used for trimming, fixing the bones and rasping. During the procedure on the bone tissues, it does not harm the soft tissues. The device enables to fine away the bone tissues without breaking them. This procedure is applied under full control and provides comfort during the surgery.

Piezo Surgery has several advantages both during the surgery and after-surgery period. Since it does not harm the soft tissues, less purpleness and swelling emerge after the surgery. Therefore, it enables a faster recovery period.

Piezo is applied especially on bone tissues. It’s not usable on the soft tissues in your nose suchs as concha and cartilage.

There are few doctors not using this technique nowadays but it’s becoming more and more prevalent nowadays. This technique has also different names used by several medical centers but the application is same and it’s ‘Piezo’.