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Tip Rhinoplasty

Tip Rhinoplasty

Nasal tip is an important part of the nose both visually and to breath comfortably. Regarding the visual aspect, nasal tip should be in harmony with other parts of the nose. For example, if the patient’s nose is crooked from the tip to the bridge, the shape of nose tip wouldn’t be obvious. However, it becomes obvious when the shape of crooked nose is fixed. Therefore, the nose tip should also be operated in order to catch harmony with other parts of the nose during Rhinoplasty. If the patient is happy with the general shape of his/her nose, only Tip Rhinoplasty could also be performed.

The cartilage structure of the nose shouldn’t be collapsed during Tip Rhinoplasty. If a deformation occurs on the cartilages on the nose tip, problems might occur like drooping of the tip or closing of the nose while breathing. Full harmony is significant both visually and functionally.

Nasal Tip Surgery

The patient should have a healthy nose in order to get good results. If the patient has a deviated septum or crooked nose, they need to be fixed firstly before operating the tip. If the basis is weak, crooked or irregular, the operated nose tip would be problematic in time. All of these procedures could be performed in the same session. Click to read more about Septum Deviation.

There are two techniques for Tip Rhinoplasty: open or closed surgery. These procedures differ from each other. Sculpting the cartilages on the tip or removing excess cartilage could be performed.

Recovery After Tip Rhinoplasty

The most common complaint after Tip Rhinoplasty is not feeling the nose tip. Edema and hardness could also be seen. Veining is at the very least on the nose tip. Therefore, edema would go away later than the other parts of the nose. It could take 6 months to a year. The nose tip heals at the latest compared to other parts.

Bandages are used to support the nose tip after the surgery. After a week from the surgery, they’re renewed and totally removed after two weeks.

There will be no bruising or swelling under the eyes after Tip Rhinoplasty. If the tip is operated together with other parts of the nose such as bone structure or septum cartilage, there might be bruising and swelling after the surgery. However, they will be at minimum level due to the ‘Piezo Surgery’ technique. Click to learn about ‘Piezo Rhinoplasty’.