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Rhinoplasty Turkey

Facts You Should Know About Rhinoplasty Turkey

Nose job surgeries, medically called as ‘Rhinoplasty, are popular nowadays for both aesthetic appearance and health issues. This surgery is one of most difficult and significant procedures because your nose is in the middle of your face and affects your physical appearance. The aims of Rhinoplasty are to shape the nose, to preserve its functionality and to solve the breathing problems. Rhinoplasty is an important surgery because your nose should be proportional to your face and functional. It became popular among society thanks to the new technologies. A ‘beautiful’ nose could differ from person to person but the surgery must be planned different for every single patient because of the proportion of the nose to the face. Moreover, nose structures of men and women are different. These surgeries take about two hours. During the surgery, your nose will be shaped and your breathing problems will be fixed. Rhinoplasty could be performed on all people older than 18 whose nose structures are fully developed.

What should we do to have Rhinoplasty Istanbul?

Firstly, you should visit an expert Rhinoplasty surgeon. The surgeon should preview the surgery according to the complaints and expectations of the patient. The type of the surgery will be determined after the full examination and the patient will be informed. The patient will be operated according to the results of the medical examination. After the surgery, the patient should stay a day at the hospital to take a rest and for precaution against possible complications. Bruising and swelling are uncommon thanks to the new surgery techniques. It’s highly possible to have pain at night right after the surgery. Painkillers could be used to reduce the pain. Bruising and swelling will disappear after a week, if they occur. The stitches and the splint inside the nose will be removed after a week from the surgery. The surgeon should warn the patient that he/she should take care of his/her nose, not wearing glasses, be aware of physical impacts and about the sleeping position. If everything is under control, the nose will be completely fixed after 6 to 9 months. There are two techniques used during Rhinoplasty:

– Closed Rhinoplasty which is performed inside the nose

– Open Rhinoplasty which is performed through making an incision without a scar

The Procedure for Rhinoplasty Turkey

The aim of both Rhinoplasty techniques is to get a harmonious nose itself and with other facial elements by preserving its functionality. The surgery could be performed under local or general anesthesia. The bones and cartilages will be shaped and breathing problems will be fixed during the operation. Special silicone buffers are used instead of standart buffers. The patients will breath comfortably after the surgery due to these materials. Rhinoplasty is a simple, healthy operation and complications are rarely seen. The life quality of a person decreases because of shape imperfection of the nose seen at the mirror. There is nothing to worry about Rhinoplasty. The success of the surgery depends on the skin structure of the patient, shape and thinness of nose cartilages, deformations on bones and cartilages and the healing process of tissues. The patient must be fully informed about the procedure. The planning of the new shape should be performed on the computer. The patient and the surgeon should decide together about the shape with cooperation. The results of Rhinoplasty surgeries are nearly perfect nowadays thanks to the new technologies. The new shape of the nose could be shown to the patient with simulation programmes and the patients would be visually satisfied before the surgery. Moreover, they can fully explain what they desire before the operation. The benefits of Rhinoplasty are regaining the self-confidence, breathing comfortably and satisfying about the physical appearance.